Season of Colds

Tissues of white scatter my space darn I think I’ve lost my taste.
Water and Sprite clear as can be yet don’t seem to be healing me. 

The sneeze used to be so welcoming but now it only rattles the shell of me.

Tears they drip so frequently oh lord return my strength to me.

My nose is chapped oh how I wish I could stop this crap. 

A shower I want to have but think I might just fall down. 

Ugh…A cold is never fun to have for it always wants to slows us down. 

A few days will pass and yippee I will finally feel my energy come back. 

But right now sadly I’m still stuck on my back.

Holding All of Me


A green meadow filled with lavender and grace

Beauty surrounds all that is

Sadness flows throughout like death

Is there no heart that can be unbroken

Allow the pain

Cease to exist

Something scary and new is coming

Hide, hide
Artwork by:Shawnna Castro

A Glimpse

A Glimpse

Artwork by: Sweetly Fierce Soul

 Hurt, deep scars and dried blood burns the core of my being.

Rips me open, yet still I walk on through all that is umknown and unseen.

A glimpse of freedom.

A glimmer of air.

A feeling of unfamiliar wind.

Light bounces off my toes as I dance.

Circles I turn, forgetting my worries.

Clouds rumble above.

Raining tears.

Flooding from pasts I see.

Soon my dancing becomes heavy.

 Floating no more.

Pushing through the memories.

Yanking out my souls pain.

 Releasing myself from scars.

Being who I was meant to be.

Free of shame for what used to be.

Again I dance once more.