Tears of Growth

Living Growth

“Her wounds of silent tears
bubble overflowing;
showing those of us who love her,
That her sweetly fierce soul is
forever growing”.  ~sweetlyfiercesoul

Light of Love

Light of Love


 Twilight was misty and cold in California that night as I stood outside my father’s house. I was 16 holding only a small brown leather purse with a few dollars. I Stared at the unlit door, knowing once again I had disappointed my family.  I thought about what would happen once I walked in late for curfew once more. 

My step mother would yell and a call would be made to what ever part of the world my father happen to be for his job.   I could imagine the look on their faces; disappointment and Anger.  But it was the faces of my younger half sisters that caused me to delay walking in.  

Knowing they would hear the fighting and be awoken from their dreams. That me,  their bigger sister had been the cause of their life turning upside down for the past 8 months since I moved in. 

Right then and there I decided to walk away.  Where would I go?

My grandmother lived just across the Street yet I had once already been dragged from her house. Being told my home was through that unlit door. 

 My mother and step father 3000 miles away.  What was I doing?

In my twisted teenage mind, I thought I was saving them. Saving them from myself.  The only way I knew to protect their hearts was to remove the problem, which was me. 

So into the night I walked without saying goodbye, without looking back.

  My heart-broken for the house light that wasn’t lit. 

If they only knew just how much that light would have meant to me.

 Maybe. Just maybe I wouldn’t have followed the street lights that promised a home.  




Lover of Dreams

Lover of Dreams“Days flitter like ash in the wind.

A life I once had. 

There are moments of pure joy

 In that same brilliant white light.

The shadow of happiness. 

Is there ever a time where there won’t be a shadow cast upon the joys of our smiles and laughter. 

Where the light and dark can hold a piece of each other.

Still to flourish in the glamour

Lover of souls. 

Not reminding one another of their flaws

Uplifting the beauty

Held deep within.

I shall not relinquish the faith I have.

Branded upon my heart.

My mind will continue to search for that common ground.

The love of dreams

Our life will forget all the shadows that make the light seem so small. 

All things are possible.

A thought which seeds the joys of our heart

 Full bloom of our dreams.

Faith shall keep our souls from growing old.

In this forever dying world of doubt. 

The lover of dreams we shall be