Petals, Implement, Vision, Party, and Parrots


Random words that spew from the thoughts racing through the fabric of my mind.

I often have crazy thoughts, but they all seem to share an important part of the main link to my soul. As a writer, it’s my job to become what that link leads to.

For in that place, I will not only find myself but am then able to share a piece of you that has found a home in me.

What’s in a Name

nameDecisions decisions……

How is it that people are so set on a name they use?

I find this extremely difficult. Maybe because I’m horrible at making decisions or maybe its just because I don’t like to be boxed in.

I cant seem to settle on any name I want to use when I write,  blog, or even tag. Why is this so darn frustrating. Ive done all the silly little tricks that others have said to do.  One being… Your first pet along with the street you grew up on. (CC Reed) Yeah yeah, my porn name. Sadly, its taken. lol  Even so….Its not a name I can see myself using as a pen name.

What is the fascination with using a name other then the one given at birth.

For me, its that my name looks and feels so unfamiliar to me when attached to something I created. Its as if my inner self is saying, “whoa, hold on, she didn’t create that. I DID!” So why then do I feel ashamed when I try and give myself a new name. I feel as if I am lying to not only the world but to myself. I know I should embody a name that flows through me like water and makes me feel safe. Or just get over it and use a name generator.

As a writer I need to find an honest place, but if I don’t feel safe within a name, how can i find a firm solid foundation to work on.