So proud, and pure, and free!


Oh what a wonderful feeling to be the wild thing of the woods….. yes.


 “O, like a queen’s her happy tread ,

And  like a queen’s her golden head!

But O, at last, when all is said ,

Her woman’s heart for me!

We wandered where the river gleamed

‘Neath oaks that mused and pines that dreamed.

A wild thing of the woods she seemed,

So proud, and pure, and free!

All heaven drew nigh to hear her sing,

When from her lips her soul took wing;

The oaks forgot their pondering,

The pines their reverie.

And O, her happy, queenly tread,

And, O her queenly golden head!

But O, her heart, when al is said,

Her woman’s heart for me! “

“Song”  by William Watson

My mix on crossfader inspired by this Poem.

Thank you

Thank You!

This writing stuff is cool.
I want to thank you for giving your encouraging and uplifting words!
I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable so fast when I started this blog.
I basically wanted a place where I could keep all the pages I’ve written on paper to be kept in one place.
But then a whole new light came on with in me.
My mind isn’t so riddles with thoughts that I couldn’t connect before.
Now those thoughts have turned into words to gentle flow onto the screen.
I feel very strongly that my story is important. I do serve a purpose exactly where i am in life.

I am learning as I go

Which will be amazing to see in the future.
All this is new. The webpage, codes, linking, using my own photography, artwork

All while trying to stay true to me

So I welcome any advice or tips in which you have learned navigating blog writing. I am here to learn.

Thank you again!