Tears of Growth

Living Growth

“Her wounds of silent tears
bubble overflowing;
showing those of us who love her,
That her sweetly fierce soul is
forever growing”.  ~sweetlyfiercesoul

A Gift was Found to Be…..

We all possess amazing and truly mighty gifts.

We can master many talents with knowledge

Yet our hearts continue to achieve in vain

Still longing for a resinating musical

sound we before have not heard

When I found myself as a gift

I found the fruit of my self-control

Being Self aware

In Love

Gave me the note in need

That sweet sound

That I myself am the gift meant to be seen

You are a Gift

Shine in all Glory!

Gift Of Providence


She Loves those who come to her and show themselves as true.

They are healed by her eyes.

Little do they know they steal a piece of her heart each time because of their greediness.

Drying up her tears of joy and leaving gloom of themselves.

She deserves greatness if only she were given the chance and guidance of acceptance in all she is.

An angel of light and darkness.

Oh, to be able to distinguish what should and shouldn’t be there.

A gift of true Divine Providence is she.