Sweet Aloneness


Sitting high up in that Maple tree.Watching the cars drive by knowing they couldn’t see me.The feeling of being high above all my problems and sadness.The sun giving the warmth and brightness of pure peace. The wind flowing and caressing my face which felt as if I was being kissed by God.


Climbing the tree to reach my little spot high above hidden in the canopy was a journey only I could perceive to achieve, my award….was the safe aloneness to be myself.S

I knew I was safe, safe away from others knowing where I was. Knowing I was the only one there in that big maple tree.

There was a power to being alone.

I didn’t have to play a part in anyone’s story, but my own.

My imagination was full and free to create whole worlds with the people passing by to give inspiration.

High up in that true place of oneness with myself.
Watching the ants go about their work along the branches.
The birds soaring the thermals that are ever present above my home.
I was watching a living breathing world of art that felt all my own.
My thoughts-My Voice- My visions-Me

Hoping to stay there unnoticed for as long as I could.


Not wanting to be confined by the voices of others who couldn’t understand me.

Who wouldn’t take the time to really see me.

Hiding Within Myself.

Broken down into tiny pieces unable to be whole again-cracks and chips keep me from being used completely.

How sad I am. That I am the only, still unused but abused version of me.

How many more days must I endure this feeling of emptiness?

Dark and Alone all broken in and out.

Doesn’t someone still see the beauty which I could be?

If only someone took the time and patience to truly restore the hidden me.

I know God is watching and asking me to be patient to trust that He has a plan.

Even here in my alone place of brokenness. A place where I know He will mend me and not just fix me but He will Create a whole New Me with the broken pieces in my hands.

I ask and ask…. yet I feel sad because no help is being sent to aid with the dents of my persistence..

Here I will wait within the safety of my hurts and pains….waiting for the day¬† when my Brokenness turns into Brilliance. For then I will share the Joys of of Hiding within Myself.

For it was in this place I FOUND The Beauty I was meant to be.


Hiding Within Myself. Artwork By:TheSweetlyFierceSoul