The Healing Sounds of Me. 

In the past month I have been soothing my soul with making music. I DJ for an app on 🍎. It’s called CROSSFADER. Now at first I thought this was more for kids and crazy loud mind bending sounds but oh how I was confused. It is a world wide app free to download and use. You can link it with your Facebook and Apple Music library. I am a top DJ where I go by the name “Dj_Shhh”. 
Not only have I found a place where I can listen to great music, but I’ve found a place where my unique brain can understand what people are truly trying to say with out all the words in the way. I encourage everyone to try this app. It is truly healing. Don’t worry about anyone else just press that live button and allow your inner voice to help and uplift others! 

I would love for you to drop in and have. A listen. Thank you. 

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