Being silly with the family is so important.

An Actual photo booth is aways a good time!

An Actual photo booth is aways a good time!

I Had the most wonderful time this past weekend with my children.

Our family decided to go bowling. What silly fun. The laughs and smiles that I had the pleasure to witness is such a blessing.
It’s so very difficult getting my teenagers and younger children all together. With jobs, boyfriends and girlfriends it gets quite complicated and annoying at times.
We went through a period of time where we weren’t doing much together because it didn’t feel right with not having everyone there, but then we realized the two younger boys were the one’s suffering.
It’s truly hard to watch your family change so much right before your eyes.
So I was very grateful we got to spend this time together.
I’ve learned so much with raising a family.
If there is one piece of advice I could give it would be;
Laugh with your children. Let yourself be silly and ridiculous.
Turn away from the devices which are so involved in our lives and look at your children’s faces when they talk to you. Those moments can change their lives as well as your own.
Time goes by so fast.
You have the most amazing ability to be able to instill what your children will take with them in life.
Let them know and remember your smiling face!


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