Lover of Dreams

Lover of Dreams“Days flitter like ash in the wind.

A life I once had. 

There are moments of pure joy

 In that same brilliant white light.

The shadow of happiness. 

Is there ever a time where there won’t be a shadow cast upon the joys of our smiles and laughter. 

Where the light and dark can hold a piece of each other.

Still to flourish in the glamour

Lover of souls. 

Not reminding one another of their flaws

Uplifting the beauty

Held deep within.

I shall not relinquish the faith I have.

Branded upon my heart.

My mind will continue to search for that common ground.

The love of dreams

Our life will forget all the shadows that make the light seem so small. 

All things are possible.

A thought which seeds the joys of our heart

 Full bloom of our dreams.

Faith shall keep our souls from growing old.

In this forever dying world of doubt. 

The lover of dreams we shall be



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