Oh,Happy Happy day to Me.

“For the first time in a long time I can say that I am stoked about this day!

I am excited to say that I have made it 37 years!  Holy Shite !! Did I really say that number aloud?!

My birthday has never been a day I really looked forward to. The annoying high-pitched voices of others invading my personal space with their wishes for me and my big day. Expecting me to be just as excited.

A cheeky grin I’d give hoping to satisfy their need to be praised for remembering me on 1 of 365 days.

Maybe it’s because I have five kids. So much sugar

Yeah, have you seen a child on cake and ice cream. (just have a look)

Sure, sign me up for that dose of reality on my supposive fantastic day. (don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining) 😉

Knowing I’d be the one to pick every piece of confetti off the floor.  Nah…..I’m good.

I never really understood the importance of making such a fuss. It’s exhausting.

But this year I am excited for myself. I may not jump up and down clicking my heels, but I can honestly say I’m Happy this day birthed me.

The Birthday Almanac has this to say about me:

Inventive, Easygoing, and Unconventional

Original Thinkers Original Thinker I Am

    “Given that January 27 people have a masculine polarity that removes their inhibitions, an inventive element in air, and a ruling planet that encourages unconventional thinking, it is almost inevitable that they should be original thinkers. Their fixed nature makes them stick to their guns, too. They can be unyielding to the point of mutiny, especially when challenged, thanks to the interaction between their quadruplicity, Uranus, and their polarity. Their easygoing airy charm normally prevails however.”

Famous Births: 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756); Lewis Carroll (1832); Wilhelm II (1888); Samuel Ting (1936)Brilliant Minds born on January 27

Wow, such brilliant minds share this day with me.  So on the first day of starting my 37th year, I choose to be Brilliant.   I choose to loosen the grip of  gloomy conformity that has been placed upon me.  I want to be excited, I want to leap for joy at the many blessings I’ve been given. I want to be okay with seeing the beauty in the unusual.  For what is light without the night.  I choose the medium in which my voice is raw from anticipation of what might come.

Today on this day I am okay with being me.  -Shawnna okay with being me

19 thoughts on “Oh,Happy Happy day to Me.

  1. I wanted to re read your post and I must have read this in a rush, my birthday is YOUR birthday! What a trip. I just turned 53 (ugh). We are fellow Aquarians. How about that? I knew there was something about you…hope you had a fabulous day.

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      • I’ve never met anyone who had my exact birthday! That’s cool beans. I am so glad you gave yourself that birthday message, such a wonderful inspiration to others. Don’t ever be afraid to lay it out there, you never know who is reading and what they can get from your story. I am still amazed sometimes when I start feeling down about something I may have written and someone messages me about how they took something away from it, so I just keep putting it out there balls to the wall. Screw it, right? I gotta do me this go around.

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        • Oh my…you even say too “cool beans”. Haahaa
          I am noticing more response from my quick unthought out type writing. Which I didn’t expect. I started this hoping to write from my past journal entries over the years, but that seems so painfully boring when I begin. If it’s one thing I need its encouragement to keep being myself. I’ve been a mirror for others my whole life. Now it’s time to show myself, and show I really can do anything! Screw it, I’ve been to hell and back already so…..yeah, agreed!!

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          • Yes go spontaneous! I never revise my posts, ever. Very rarely do I revise my poetry, but I do more so than my blogs. I just pick a subject and let it rip and send. Sometimes we can second guess putting out the natural raw emotions when we revise. If there is one thing I decided early, it’s I’m writing for me and I’m putting it all out there, everything. My mind of life story is qued up for tomorrow, it’s the most I’ve bared since I’ve been online. And I don’t care

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