Oh daughter how I love you so. 

You break my heart when you think you’re grown. 

You fight with all your might to be anything but like me. 

Only because you know not yet what it’s like to be set free. 

Your mind is racing to find your place and trust me when I say you give life so much grace. 

I know one day you will understand why I needed to hold your hand. 

Please remember I love you so and I  will never just let you go. 

A woman you see yourself to be maybe most would  have to agree. 

So just where does that leave this mom that is me. 

I promised you when I snuggled you to my chest I would love you my absolute best. 

Nothing can be done that could make me love you any less. 

And yes,  I really am trying my very best within this beautiful, beautiful mess. 

As I put my hand to my chest and take a deep breath I vow together you and I will pass this crazy life test. 

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