Be Brilliantly Bright

72d28d3c-fe9e-41ac-af93-9f816c25757fIt’s amazing to know just how powerful the mind is when you are willing to accept all outcomes as a blessing. Knowing that even through trials and toils there too our true role of leadership shows through.

As I look back upon my life of struggles and constant hardships I have always known I see light where others see pure darkness. Being of that light and trusting my inner self to continue on in search of myself in everyone I meet. It’s in the quiet and omitted parts of all things that truth truly lives. For if certain words are spoken there is bound to be a negative reaction. Why must all things be heard or seen to be real?!….that’s the beauty of my Light, it needs not be known to just anyone, but to those who quietly seek within themselves for something they already carry within. Light is something you choose to carry for it can and will be at some point a heavy burden.

For many are in darkness wrapped up in the details of what they still have chosen to believe from childhood and stubbornness of not wanting to travel a road unknown. The Light can not be hidden or snuffed out if it is truly yours to hold.

Personally, it has never even been an option to lay it down for when times got hard I feel the warmth of its glow guiding to go even further into what is uncomfortable for only then my light grows.
It’s not about joining a group or being known as a “special person” for if you are known for holding such a position among men it is then when human nature tries to yell, “I’m free to do as I please” forgetting the many looking for your true loyal quiet Light.

Continue on your journey of knowledge of being kind and gentle to all you encounter for we all mirror ourselves in our most unpleasant of times. For in a moment of weakness of frustration in pride we many not sense danger to oneself but in that moment of stupidity a reaction bigger than anything we could have imagined could lead to ultimate death of character, spirit, knowledge, or even loss of life to someone who is counting on the guiding Light at the Peak hours of need.
Be diligent Choosing to run with a courageous gentleness towards the darkness for you never know who is waiting to see your BRILLIANT LIGHT. For those waiting in silence with knowledge from with in will ultimately be lighting their own Light by simply believing the darkness would not over take them.

For those waiting in silence with knowledge from within will ultimately be lighting their own Light by simply believing the darkness would not overtake them.
Trust is not so easy in the times of the here and now, but I will certainly say…
when the day comes where a smile is felt instead of a frown, a spark will have ignited and you shall forever be aglow.
Be well and gracious to yourselves living within this masterpiece of magnificent beauty. We are all perfect pieces of art for in OUR Light we are all One and as one we all lead on.

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