The Sock That Saved Me

Start Over.


We must think anew and we must act anew where Abraham Lincolns words as he was facing the greatest crisis that this nation has ever endured: the Civil War.

New thought, new action- how simple that sounds and how difficult it truly is yet so rewarding. Changing the pattern of thinking to meet new conditions  or new challenges depends on you.

One day I was walking through the house and came upon a lonely sock just laying on the floor. Now, I deeply stood above the sock thinking of the different ways I could change my way of thinking towards this sock that ultimately needed to be picked up anyways. Why was this moment so clear on how I could fix myself by how I reacted to this stupid sock.

My normal incorrect response to this sock would have been to just step over it knowing I would have to pick it up later along with the other items that have accumulated on the floor from my children being kids.

For the first time in a long time, I truly wanted to pick up this sad looking sock, it wanted to be cleaned and safely tucked in with its mate to be worn a new day.

I used this vision to put into action my “act anew” lifestyle. From that day forth I changed towards who I wanted to be. I lost 100 pounds naturally and healthy which I had fun doing. I was proud of how my growth brought me to such a life changing moment. All within a moment that included a single plain sock and me both upon a cluttered floor.  We all need to find a switch of change within ourselves. The first step is changing one thing….anything

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