Hiding Within Myself.

Broken down into tiny pieces unable to be whole again-cracks and chips keep me from being used completely.

How sad I am. That I am the only, still unused but abused version of me.

How many more days must I endure this feeling of emptiness?

Dark and Alone all broken in and out.

Doesn’t someone still see the beauty which I could be?

If only someone took the time and patience to truly restore the hidden me.

I know God is watching and asking me to be patient to trust that He has a plan.

Even here in my alone place of brokenness. A place where I know He will mend me and not just fix me but He will Create a whole New Me with the broken pieces in my hands.

I ask and ask…. yet I feel sad because no help is being sent to aid with the dents of my persistence..

Here I will wait within the safety of my hurts and pains….waiting for the day  when my Brokenness turns into Brilliance. For then I will share the Joys of of Hiding within Myself.

For it was in this place I FOUND The Beauty I was meant to be.


Hiding Within Myself. Artwork By:TheSweetlyFierceSoul


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